Grain Harvest Farm


Welcome to Grain Harvest Farm! We are proud of our work and the quality of our grain crops

Our farm's grain harvests represent a symbol of the work, passion and dedication to agriculture. We are located in one of the most fertile regions and our history goes back to a time when agriculture was an important part of our culture.

Quality Control System

At Grain Harvest Farm, we have developed a strict quality control system to ensure that every grain crop meets our high standards. Our experts regularly check the condition of the soil, fertilizers used and growing methods. We also carefully monitor weather conditions to adapt our crop management methods to suit the climate.

Environmentally Friendly Production: We pride ourselves on an environmentally friendly approach to grain production. We strive to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, preferring natural pest control methods and fertilizers enriched with organic components. This not only makes our crops safe for consumers, but also helps preserve the environment.

Compliance with Standards: We adhere to all necessary quality and safety standards in grain production. Our growing and harvesting processes are strictly regulated and we are regularly audited by competent authorities and independent agencies. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality products.

Love for Detail: Our farmers and employees truly care about product quality. We invest our passion and attention to detail into every stage of production to achieve optimal results. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every bush and every grain receives the utmost attention and care to ensure outstanding quality.


Modern Environmental Technologies


On the farm, we actively use modern environmental technologies to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our production. This includes the use of low-flow irrigation systems, which help conserve water resources and prevent pollution of water sources.

Conservation Farming: We strongly adhere to conservation farming to reduce our negative impact on the environment. We rotate crops and use conservation farming techniques such as soil cover and mulching to improve soil quality and prevent erosion.

Energy Efficiency: We are also working to reduce energy consumption on the farm. This includes the use of efficient lighting and heating systems in our grain storage facilities, as well as the introduction of solar panels for part of the energy supply.

Concern for Biodiversity: We are committed to preserving and maintaining biodiversity on our lands. We create natural corridors and leave areas unaffected by agriculture to provide habitat for wildlife.

Water Conservation: We monitor water use on the farm and implement water conservation methods such as drip irrigation systems and rainwater recycling.

Our goal is to not only produce high-quality grain crops, but to do so in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.

Our products

Wheat Grain Harvest Farm

Our wheat is a premium quality product, grown with health and taste in mind. We specialize in growing different varieties of wheat that have ideal characteristics for the production of bread and other bakery products. Our wheat grains have a high gluten content, which contributes to a good dough structure and gives the bread excellent taste.

We pay special attention to the selection of wheat varieties to meet the needs of our customers in various sectors of the food industry. Our wheat is ideal for the production of bread, rolls, baguettes, and other baked goods. It is also used to make pasta, cereals, porridge and many other products.

We guarantee the high quality of our wheat through the use of modern cultivation methods, regular quality control and an environmentally friendly approach to farming. Our customers can be confident that they are receiving a product that meets the highest standards.

If you are looking for a reliable wheat supplier who can provide you with a premium product, contact us. Our grain crops are guaranteed to help you create tasty and high-quality products.


Oats Grain Harvest Farm

Our oats are one of our outstanding grain crops, boasting high quality and nutritional value.

Rich in Nutrients: Oats are a rich source of important nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins (particularly vitamin B1 and vitamin B6), minerals (such as magnesium, iron and zinc) and antioxidants. It helps maintain cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system and provides necessary energy.

Nutritional Properties: Oatmeal made from our oats is a popular and healthy food product. It can be used to make oatmeal, porridge, cereal, granola and other dishes. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which can help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar.

Animal Feed: Oats are also used in feeding animals such as horses, livestock and poultry. It provides them with the extra calories and protein they need to keep the animals healthy and productive.

Making Healthy Products: Oats are also used in the production of health foods such as breakfast oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, cereal bars and granola bars. It is suitable for dietary nutrition and can be part of a balanced diet.

We pay special attention to the quality of our oats, from the selection of varieties to the storage and processing processes. Our oats are a premium grain that meets the highest standards and can be used in a variety of industries including food processing, feed processing and as a nutritional health food.

Barley Grain Harvest Farm

Our barley is a high-quality agricultural product that is widely used in various industries. Here are some of its main uses:

Beer Production: Barley is one of the main ingredients in beer production. Its grains are used to create malt, which gives beer its characteristic taste and aroma. Our barley is suitable for a variety of beer styles and we guarantee its high quality.

Animal Feed: Barley is also widely used in animal feeding such as livestock and poultry. It is rich in nutrients and is an important source of energy and protein for animals. We ensure the purity and quality of our barley to meet animal nutrition standards.

Food: Our barley grains can also be used in human food. Barley can be used to prepare porridge, soups and other dishes. It is rich in dietary fiber and beneficial microelements.

Healthy Food Products: Certain types of barley, such as pearl barley and flaked barley, have become popular in health food products. They can be used in breakfasts, porridges and smoothies.

We are proud of the quality of our barley and monitor the growing and processing process to provide our customers with a top-class product. Our barley is ideal for a variety of purposes, and we are ready to provide it to you in the quantities you need.


Grain delivery:

We offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the delivery location that best suits your needs and set a delivery time that suits you.

We have our own fleet of vehicles equipped to transport grain safely and efficiently. Our drivers are trained and have experience working with grain, ensuring its safety during transportation.


Thank you for your reliability and quality products. We have been purchasing barley from you for many years for our brewery and it has always met our high standards. Delivery is always accurate and prices are competitive. We are proud to work with you.

We are a small bakery and have always been looking for a reliable wheat supplier. When we started collaborating with the farm, we found exactly what we were looking for. Their wheat is ideal for our bread and flour products. Thank you!

We are long term clients and are always satisfied with their services. The quality of their grain has never let us down and they always provide excellent service. We recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable supplier of grain crops.

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